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Adult Entertainment & Online Business for Sale Sydney

Adult Entertainment & Online Business Opportunity Opportunity for Acquisition: High-Yield Cashflow Online Business (Owner-Absentee) Valuation: $18.75 Million USD (10x Annual Net Profit) Net Profit: $2.5 Million USD.


Why buy this Adult Entertainment & Online Business

Adult Entertainment & Online Business for Sale Sydney Asking: $24,374,998

Business Model & Services Key Highlights

Revenue Streams: Initial licensing fees, monthly support fees, and profit-sharing.

Turnkey License Model: Includes 40 hours of training and 1-on-1 support.

Efficient Talent Acquisition: Process recruits 10+ models daily at minimal cost.

Aligned Interests: 30% profit-sharing from licensees, creating a lucrative ascension


Brand Presence: Features in top business podcasts and mentions in Forbes.

Financial Highlights

12-Month Revenue: $8,000,000 AUD

12-Month Profit: $2,500,000 AUD

Projected Growth: Expected to scale to $50 million AUD annually.

Unique Selling Propositions

Advanced Licensing Model: Best-in-market resource for training entrepreneurs to start an OFM Agency.

High-Value Client Marketing: Average order value (AOV) of front-end sales stands at $35,000 AUD.

Innovative Leader: Top of Google for OnlyFans Management and related keywords.

  Scalable Model: Designed for continuous license recruitment and client growth. 

Major Achievements

Rapid Scalability: Scaled from 4 to 300+ models within six months.

Strategic Business Pivot: Transitioned to a licensing model with 200+ license

clients under a 5-year contract, contributing 30% of their net profits.

Financial Performance: Achieved $2.5 million AUD profit in the first 12 months oflicensing operations.

Market Position

High-Value Client Profile: Targeting affluent individuals from the top 10% income bracket.

Strong Brand Presence: Enhanced by high-profile media appearances and positive press.

Market Analysis: OnlyFans has over 180 million paying users, making this business recession-proof as demand for licenses and models' content remains strong.

Client Acquisition Process License Client Acquisition

Advertisement on Meta (FB/IG) or Google (YT) Ad

Click to Landing Page

Book a Call on Landing Page

Sales Call #1 with $1,000 deposit for contract review

Balance Paid & Client Onboarded within 48 hours

Cost Per Call: $100-$200 USD

Ad Spend: $200,000 per month

Cash Collected: $800,000 per month

Business Resources

Model Client Acquisition

Advertisement on Meta (FB/IG) or Instagram Shoutout

Click to Landing Page

Detailed 20 Question Application if Interested

Team Reviews Application and Accepts or Denies Model

Secures 10+ new models daily at a cost of just $50 AUD

Organisational Structure Executive Leadership

Director 1: Focuses on overall sales & marketing strategies.

Director 2: Sales, Marketing & SOP Development.

  Chief Operating Officer (COO): Manages day-to-day company operations and administrative tasks.

Operational and Support Teams

Client Onboarding Rep: Integrates models into clients agencies.

Growth Consultant: Provides coaching and strategic advice to clients.

Videographer: Develops marketing materials and video content.

Accounts Receivable: Manages collection of monthly and profit-sharing fees along

with general bookkeeping duties.

Virtual Assistants: 10 virtual VAs handling menial and repetitive daily tasks.

Sales and Marketing

3 Sales Representatives: Work on a scaling commission basis to recruit new


Contract and Project Teams

Contractors: Specific once-off projects requiring specialized skills, such as design

and web development.

External Partners

Funding Partners: For USA and AUS-based clients, we have funding partners who

finance up to $100,000 within 7 business days for our clients.

Investment Appeal

This business presents a lucrative opportunity for those with the capability to scale the operation. The current owners are motivated sellers looking for a quick sale. They are willing to provide consulting and advisory support during the transition to ensure smooth continuity.

Key Areas of Growth for New Acquisition

Scaling Licensing Program: Continuously recruit 200+ licenses yearly.

Maximising Client Success: Enhance client success rates to generate substantial

passive income through profit kick-backs.

Strategic Vision for Exponential Growth: Projected to elevate annual revenue to

$50 million AUD.

Next Steps

1. Apply: Interested buyers apply through our provided platform.

2. Email Confirmation: Receive an email with a video pitch deck.

3. Book a Call: Schedule a discovery call with Fletcher Ladd.

4. NDA & Data Room Access: Sign an NDA and pay a $1,000 refundable deposit to access the data room.

5. Due Diligence: Conduct due diligence via the data room, which includes comprehensive business information.

6. Negotiation: Discuss and negotiate sale terms.

7. Final Agreement: Draft and sign the final purchase agreement.

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