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ads that sell businesses


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Online advertising has become a highly valuable tool when buying and selling businesses, and it has become increasingly important to word your listing to ensure it grabs the interest of any perspective buyer. It must capture and hold their attention with clear concise information before asking them to act! The following points have been compiled to assist you in creating better ads that will generate more leads and make more sales.

5 Point "Copy that sells businesses" ad check

1.    Grab attention with your headline & image
2.    Include a price and the location
3.    Be descriptive - sell on benefits
4.    Communicate to attract interest
5.    Call to action

1. Grab attention with your headline & image – describe the opportunity

The headline is like having an advertisement for your ad, it needs to grab attention and promise a benefit straight up. Use a quality image that has an emotional connection and is relevant - People love great visuals (and they don't want to see your logo here).

People skim headlines, and will stop at the ones that interest them most. Be clear on what is on offer – being vague only creates suspicion and loss of interest. Identify what your business does... say if it's a cleaning business, a cafe, or engineering business etc. Then provide two or three key benefits that will entice potential business buyers to explore your opportunity ie. "Popular profitable beach front cafe. Great location, great parking, well established and recently renovated - make life a beach". It's important not to be over the top or misleading as this will only lose you credibility with buyers. Don't waste your words here - this needs to be your best sales line in 20 or less words.

2. Include a price and the location

Both of these are used by buyers as search criteria. While they aren't mandatory they will assist buyers in returning results for what they are interested in. Buyers prefer to see a price - research from print ads shows a 52% increase in response if a price is provided.

Location is another highly valued factor. Some buyers are happy to move for the right opportunity, however most seek a business located within a specific area. Better results are usually achieved if you are specific on location. Attachment - bigger is better - If you're near a large city, consider identifying the location in relation to that city. ie. just 30 minutes South of Cairns.

3. Be descriptive - sell on benefits (use more images to help)

Ads are made up of words and pictures that create meanings and images. The more impressive and specific the benefits, the greater the interest. Think about what’s likely to be important to your buyer, what would make them want to buy your clients' business? For example more; leisure time, to make more money, for increased enjoyment, or to be their own boss? Use emotive images as these pull in interest. Note: Featured Ads also come up before our Basic Ads, and get twice as many views.

Now what’s great about your clients' business? Is it; highly profitable, in an excellent location with great foot traffic, in a growth market? Does it operate only 5 days a week, or does it have significant repeat business? Look for the high interest positive attributes that are important to your potential buyers and use these!

4. Communicate to attract interest and qualify buyers

It helps to provide a good description of what your business is about. Detail why it is a great opportunity, and what resources are included to help people validate the asking price! This helps buyers get a better "feel" for what you have on offer - it also helps qualify the buyers before they contact you, saving you time and helping screen potential buyers.

You need to disclose enough information to qualify buyers, and to create sufficient interest for genuine buyers to contact you to find out more. In other words, provide good information, but you don’t have to supply every detail or answer every question.

5. Call to action

Give people a reason to contact you, have something more they need to know! Then call the buyer to ACTION - they have read your ad, are interested, and they want to know more. Make it easy for them to contact you (be available), and check and respond to your email enquires regularly. Ask buyers to "Email me today" or "call me now" to find out more.

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