Jack Daly tips for sales success

Sales success How many contacts do salespeople make with prospective customers?

Jack Daly presents eye-opening research:

• 48% of salespeople never follow up after the first contact with a prospect.
• 25% of salespeople make a 2nd contact and stop.
• 12% of salespeople make a 3rd contact and stop.
• Only 10% of salespeople make more than 3 contacts.
• 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact.

Here is a small sample of Jack Daly’s recommendations for sales success:

• Identify the key activities and measures that are necessary to achieve your sales goals, every month, every week. These might include # of face to face appointments, # of outbound calls, # of presentations etc.

• Sales managers should inspect each salesperson’s prospect pipeline at least twice a month, and hold reps firmly accountable for achieving the required activity levels and sales performance.

• Implement a "Touch System" of regular contact with prospects. Mix up the medium you use (personal visit, phone call, email, voice mail, snail mail, fax). Mix up the content (information to help their business, fun things, information about you and your company).

• Use an automated contact management system to ensure you maintain your “Touch System” schedule of regular customer contacts.

What does your “Touch System” look like for your prospects? more... see, Jack Daly

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