Ad Features Explained

Leading high traffic AUST website

Thousands of buyers search our busy platform every month looking at business opportunities like yours. These buyers are only looking for businesses - we do not list cars or shoes. We specialise in Businesses for Sale.

Two-month term (standard)

Two whole months online 24/7, and you can edit or check your ads stats at any time. If you think two months might not be enough, then check out our long-term rates.

Confidential and secure

We display only the details you wish to be seen, with the contact form email addresses being hidden so they don’t get to see your email address. While a mobile phone number is a good idea, it is not mandatory.

Low cost and effective

No hidden fees or commissions just one flat advertising fee. We are NOT Business Brokers or Agents. Using our web platform, social media, databases and networks we generate buyer leads for you. You deal directly with the potential buyers.

Large active buyer database

As well as website traffic, our registered buyers will also receive your listings via our Saved Searches.

Priority ranking (be first up)

With a Featured or Premium Ad, your listing is listed first in our default search. This allows you to get out in front and get more interest and views.

Attention grabbing header

It’s always good to stand out.  All Featured and Premium Ads have a BOLD distinctive header to get more attention. And if it helps, these listings can have a link to your website. Note: Linking your website may not help sell your business - often it’s best to capture the buyer’s interest before passing on your website link.

Up to 5 images for more interest

Images offer an emotional pull and can more readily capture and portray the essence of your business. Featured and Premium Ads you can add up to 5 photos, for Basic Ads it’s just 1.

Rotating home page exposure

Get the highest exposure for your business opportunity. With a Premium Ad your listing will get rotated on the home page for the term of your ad. This provides more views and better, more effective Google indexing.

YouTube clip to grab attention

Capture buyer attention. People are drawn to videos. With an Premium Ad, you can insert an attention-grabbing YouTube Clip.

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