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Selling a business is a process that takes time, skill and know-how, so if you are selling your business, using a business broker is often a good idea - especially if you have limited time to work with potential buyers, are not easily contactable or lack the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively market your business for sale.

Choosing a suitable Business Broker in Sydney or wider NSW that has the necessary skills can make all the difference in obtaining your best price and a quick sale when selling your business. Find out more about our Australia Business Brokers or contact a NSW based Business Broker from below.

ABBA Group

Level 1, 183 King Street, Sydney NSW 2009
Ph: 1300 064 944
E: anthony@abbagroup.com.au
BCI Business Brokers

BCI Business Brokers

1 Alexander Street
Ph: +61294393399
E: tarena@bci.net.au
Mandanex Capital

Mandanex Capital

Suite 107 / 283 Alfred Street
North Sydney
NSW 2026
Ph: +61 423 131 881
E: michele.h@mandanex.com
S.Abelas & Co Real Estate & Business Brokers

S.Abelas & Co Real Estate & Business Brokers

318 Railway Parade
NSW 2218
Ph: 02 9553 8899
E: mail@abelas.com.au

Choosing a Sydney Business Broker

Choose a competent business broker. Talk to several reputable business brokers to gain a complete picture of their services, their marketing program, what they specialise in, and how they can help you.

A competent business broker will understand the market, will deploy multi-faceted marketing initiatives, help compile sales material, manage confidentiality, assist in setting a realistic price, and will help negotiate the technical aspects of the business sale without being attached to your business.

Download the 12 Questions to ask a Business Broker before you contact one of the above Business Brokers

We are interested in talking to professional and experienced Business Brokers that offer a high level of customer service and satisfaction when listing businesses for sale. If you know of anyone you think should be in our Business Broker directory, then please email us their details. More Business Brokers

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