Avoiding business burnout - stay in the race

avoiding business burnout Business is like a racetrack...
your horse is the company and you’re the jockey.

But, despite the adrenaline rush and excitement of the race, the horse can become tired if it's not nurtured and the rider slack in their ways. Business too, can become a repetitive process, leaving a lack of time to appreciate the joy of the ride.

Business burnout is a hurdle often experienced by business owners ...or maybe you’re just bored!

The worst-case scenario is chronic dissatisfaction with your business. Here we offer up some tips to help recharge your batteries and get back in the saddle. Especially if you are thinking of selling - you need to parade your horse with pride.

The experts describe burnout as the mental and physical exhaustion experienced when the demands of work consistently exceed the amount of energy you have... and sadly it’s the scourge of the modern business environment.

Here are a few tips to help you pull in the reins, slow down, systemise and find the thrill again:

Take breaks during the workday

Breaks throughout the day are essential as it often our lack of understanding about how to achieve peak workplace performance that breaks us. To perform at your best during the day, you need regular mental energy refilling stops - take a walk, go for a run... do what it is that you enjoy - just do it away from your desk.

Tackle the hardest jobs when you are recharged

This is often when you first arrive in the office - or after one of your strategically placed mental breaks. Tackle your toughest challenges at those times.

Delegate more

Hire an assistant, or utilise the current team... let go, step back and decided what your time is best spent on.

Document your processes

Keep note of your company processes and procedures, and compile them into a file to support employee training and enquiries. This ensures your business can operate without you when necessary.

Set realistic expectations

It’s important not to drive yourself or your team too hard – everyone has their own speed limit and there is not point endlessly whipping the horse.

Put away your digital devices

We are all guilty of carrying our office in our pockets - smart devices mean we have access to everything, all the time. Which according to the experts, means we are both psychologically and physiologically still attached to the office. Afterhours, you need to learn to switch off! The world will wait.

Or are you looking to sell a business now !

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