Keeping your business relevant

keeping your business relevant

Deliver what your customer needs

To survive, every business needs to change and adapt to the current environment, meet the changing needs of their customers and take a more future-focused view of innovation. If you want to sell, it's even more vital your business is relevant.

Business relevance is about looking ahead to try and forecast what will happen, rather than remaining focused on what is happening today (or worse, what happened yesterday). In order to stay in tune with the changes in how we live, what we interact with and how we purchase - you must create an agile business. You need an innovative model that allow you to act more like an entrepreneurial start-up and less like an industrial dinosaur.

There is simply no room for complacency if you want to keep your business relevant to your customers.

Ten ways to keep your business relevant:

1. Make your business essential

Find products for your customers, not customers for your products. Your customers will always be there, but their needs and wants will change - ensure you change with them.

2. Get closer

Find out where your customers hang out and hang with them! Your business must be easy to find - both online and off and to both your existing and prospective customers. Is your online presence relevant, what social media do you need to engage with, is your website mobile optomised.

3. Be a dynamo

Your business needs to be energetic and dynamic. To keep customers, you have to prove that you have a strong and serious business. Therefore, make your business innovative, complete, long-term, and always ready to serve customers.

4. Have affinity

Once you know who your customer is today - you will probably find they have similar interests are hanging out in a group or tribe. Find these places, online communities or networks, then join them, be helpful, and build strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

5. Give light

Educate your customers. Share inspiration, stories and information that adds value and teaches them something. And always shed light on problems, be honest and clear so that your business will not suffer from misunderstandings. Trust and confidence attract customers – just like a light that attracts people.

6. Shine

Stand out from the masses. Ensure your customers feel special. Go the extra mile and your customers will follow you anywhere.

7. Serve

Customers choose a business that will make them feel comfortable and secure – not humiliated and down. Be a down-to-earth business owner who exists to serve your customers.

8. Be consistent

Persistence is one of the most important keys to success. Consistent does not mean your business has to stay the same - but the value you add to your customer needs always to be consistent, even if the model, method or delivery move with the times.

9. Save your customers

A customers has a problem - be the once to fix it. Not just with the exact product or service they needs, but with helpful advice and assistance.

10. Love your own business

You cannot expect your customers to love your business if you don’t!

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